SC summons AGP in Haripur Cement plant case

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Supreme Court on Thursday summoned the Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) to appear before court in Haripur Cement plant case.

A three-member SC be-nch, comprising Justice M-ushir Alam, Justice Sardar Tariq Masood and Justice Amin-Ud-Din Khan, heard the case.

During the course of proceedings, Justice Mushir Alam asked who acquired the land for the cement factory.

He asked did the provincial government acquire the land or it was acquired by the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO)?

The Deputy Advocate General Khyber Pakhtun-khw replied that the KP government acquired the land for the cement plant.

Justice Alam asked the Deputy Advocate General to submit documents that land was acquired by provincial government.

The provincial law officer replied that the provincial government leased the land to the FWO for ten years.

Justice Mushir Alam said that the provincial law officer was not understanding the complexity of legal questions. He said that the contractor could not acquire land.

Later, hearing of the case was adjourned till date in office.