Shocking moment young mum is dragged from her car by knife thugs as she begs to let her save her toddler in the back

LONDON (thesun): This is the harrowing moment a mum was dragged out of her car by knife thugs as she desperately begged to get her toddler out the back.

Shocking footage shows one of the yobs pulling the mum from her Alfa Romeo before two accomplices rush over.

She can be heard screaming “let me get my kid, let me get my kid” as one of the thugs grabs her arm.

The mum then makes her way to the side of the car to grab her two-year-old son as the thieves clamber into the motor.

She barely has time to get the toddler out of the car before the heartless louts drive off with the door still open.

The mum can be seen stood looking shaken on the side of the road in Manchester with her baby.

Her mother posted the footage on social media in a bid to catch the three knifemen.

She said her daughter and grandson are both OK but “really shook up”.

The gran added: “Does anybody know who these 3 lads are please?

“Around 7 o’clock tonight they dragged my daughter out of her car with a knife to her throat and took the car barely giving her chance to get her 2 year old out of the car, she’s traumatised.

“Pease if anybody has any information I can pass to the police I would be really grateful”.

Horrified viewers have slammed the thugs after the video was posted on social media.

One said: “Horrible nasty cowards targeting a young girl and her baby, thank god your daughter and grandchild were not physically harmed hope they catch the b******s”.

Another said: “Omg this is shocking . Really hope she is okay xx”.

While one wrote: “WOW!! How on earth can 3 guys target a lone girl and her 2 year old son like that!!

“Absolutely disgusting the fact not one of them told the other to stop shows there all horrible cowards!!

“I hope this girl and her little one is ok!! I feel sick just watching it! Her screams say it all the poor thing!”

The Sun Online has contacted GMP for comment.