Singer Ali Zafar urges unity among Pakistan and Indian people during testing times

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Pakistani singer-songwriter and actor Ali Zafar reinforces unity among the people of India and Pakistan by sharing an inspirational video message on his Instagram.

Zafar is deeply agitated over the gruelling Covid-19 situation of India and decided to portray his support through sharing an enthusiastic ‘I stand with you India’ message.

It is no secret that Ali is a splendid Pakistani actor, however, Ali is widely recognized for his acting talents and has taken part in Bollywood projects as well including: ‘Dear Zindagi’, ‘Tere Bin Laden’, ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ and ‘Kill Dil’. Through his video, Ali Zafar tells the people of India that he is totally aware of the strenuous time India is going through and by enforcing an environment of unification stresses the fact that people of Pakistan are helplessly enduring a difficult patch as well.

Then he jumped on the concept of ‘humanity’ and emphasised how there is nothing more important than humanity and endorsing just that the people of Pakistan stand with India and wish for them to overcome this deathly phase.

Ali Zafar believes that during a time like this one can very clearly understand the true meaning of humanity and how it is an extremely crucial element of one’s existence. 

He further writes that one should always possess empathy and ‘empathy’ should be the driving force during a time like this. He urges the people of India and Pakistan to now connect and stand together by lending out as much help and support as possible.

Ali also decided to share some words which would definitely spark feelings for a united front: “Ek pyaar ka naghma hai, mojon ki rawaani hai, Zindagi aur kuch nahin, teri meri kahani hai. #india #pakistan” Ali said, “People of India, you are facing tough times and pain one cannot imagine. In Pakistan, too, people are troubled.

He further added, “Maybe these tough times will make us understand what humanity is, and the fact that there is nothing bigger than humanity.

In these difficult times, the people of Pakistan and I stand with you and pray for your well-being.” “My message to the people of India, Pakistan and the rest of the world who are going through unimaginable difficulties in this pandemic.”

“We have no right to call ourselves human beings if we don’t have empathy for each other, especially in such challenging times. The need of the hour is to connect and pray and do whatever we can to help each other”.

Ali concludes,”Ek pyaar ka naghma hai, mojon ki rawaani hai, Zindagi aur kuch nahin …. teri meri kahani hai. #india #pakistan.”