Singer Meesha Shafi tunes up Resham for her careless act

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Former actress Resham received backlash from the public after sharing a video of herself disposing of meat and other food items along with plastic bags into a river. She faced a lot of criticism on social media for her act of causing pollution and disturbing the environment.

While considering the current crisis that Pakistan is already experiencing, this led to the general public criticizing the actress for her careless behavior. Famous singer Meesha Shafi also used Twitter to criticize the actress’ behavior in a tweet:

“Distributing aid on camera to victims of horrific floods caused by giant climate change calamity right after throwing groceries and plastic shoppers/trays into a river (also on camera)”.

People agreed to Shafi’s statement and highlighted the problem Pakistan is facing, thousands of flood-affected people are starving and the actress is feeding those creatures, not only this but she even caused pollution. They also took a dig at all Pakistanis as a nation that this is the usual Pakistani stuff everyone does.

After all this, an apology video has been posted by Resham after the incident where she admits her mistake, “It was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my career and I hope I’ll never make a mistake like this again.”