Soviet army veteran living in Kunduz requests aid

KUNDUZ (TOLOnews): A Ukrainian citizen who came to Afghanistan during the invasion of the former Soviet Union and surrendered to the Mujahideen is now struggling with difficult economic and health conditions in Kunduz province.
60-year-old Ganedi said that he came to Afghanistan in 1983 and six months after his arrival he surrendered to the Mujahideen at the Bangi Bridge area of Takhar Province. After converting to Islam, his name was changed to Nik Mohammad.
“At half past five in the morning, I faced the Mujahideen, they wanted to hit me, I told them not to hit me, but the commander of the Amir took me with him, and they took the stones… after taking me to a house, they gave me tea. And they brought bread,” said Nik Mihammad.
The old man asked the current government and the supporting institutions to help him with health treatment and the cost of his ten-member family.
“I need treatment, I cannot walk, my right eye is blind,” said Nik Mohammad.
Nik Mohammad’s wife said that he used to drive in the city of Kunduz, but he has been ill for 16 years and he can hardly walk.
“He can’t work, being on bed rest, he’s tired from work and his leg is like this as you can see,” said Nik Mohammad’s wife.
“Our life is very difficult, we face challenges, and my father is sick,” said Palwasha, his daughter.
Nik Mohammad’s friends praised his behavior with neighbors and asked the officials and supporting institutions to cooperate and treat his illness.
According to Nik Mohammad, despite repeated requests from his relatives, he traveled to Ukraine only once and always preferred to live in Afghanistan.
However, after Russia attacked Ukraine and disconnected the telecommunications system, he had no contact with his relatives and is worried that Ukraine is being destroyed by war.