Surroundings of a Depressed Soul

Sadaf Anjum

What to do?      

Where to go?

Whom to complain?

Why to survive?

Will happiness ever come into my life?

All these questions make a constant round in mind when a person is going through the phase of depression but for now let’s divert attention from the depressed person and move on the other side. Yes, we know the aching heart of a depressed person, how it feels to be in that position but now it’s also time to consider the individuals of surrounding.

The parents, siblings, friends what they go through when they see the person they love so much is in agony. How helpless they feel in all this process, there also come some members who cannot afford depression. Yes, you read it right, affordability of depression is not accessible to everyone, there are humans who have so much responsibilities & expectations in life that they can’t even think of depression. Whenever depression takes place into their lives, some questions triggers into their minds like who’s gonna work, who’s gonna take care of my family, who’s gonna fulfill all those expectations and the list goes on.

The pain & suffer of such people is no less than pain of depressed one’s. Both these persons are like sitting in same boat, the depressed one is like passenger “feeling less” while the surrounded loved one is like the “sailor” helping to reach the final destination with all pain deep inside with the thought of “if I am not going to do this than “who”?

The pain of both is same, one is front of the world, while one is all alone.