Tadeen vows to probe assassination of Raziq

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KANDAHAR: Acting police chief of Kandahar Tadeen Khan has said some elements on the other side of the Durand Line were involved in the assassination of General Raziq.

Talking to Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) on Monday, Tadeen Khan said the foreign government was not cooperating with Afghanistan in the investigation.

He went on to say that they would continue probe into the matter even if the foreign government did not extend cooperation in this regard.

During a visit to Kandahar in connection with the assassination of General Raziq, head of National Directorate of Security (NDS) Masoom Stanikzai had said that they needed more assistance to probe the matter.

To a question about the progress made in the investigation of General Raziq’s assassination, Tadeen Khan said they had not received any assistance from the other side of the Durand Line in the case. He did not name any country.

“How would they cooperate when they are involved in the incident? The process of investigation has not been stopped. The probe is in progress on internal level. We would follow the process no matter if anyone followed the matter or not,” he said.

Tadeen Khan said they would disclose the elements involved in the incident. The outcomes would be shared with the public.

“The results of this case are different from other matters. The main difference is that we are following this case. We will take the case to the ultimate end. The answer of death is death. The outcomes would be shared with public. We will disclose the enemy. The enemies are present on the other side of the border,” Tadeen Khan said.

Assuring security in the province, he vowed to eliminate gunmen in Kandahar.

Some gunmen were arrested and their cases sent to the attorney general’s office over the past some time. No one would be allowed to disturb the peace of the province, he added.

Tadeen Khan said he was not in the favor of against anyone in the political field rather he kept in view the national interests of Afghanistan. He vowed to support the people who cared about the national interests of Afghanistan.

Former police chief of Kandahar General Abdul Raziq Khan and head of NDS Abdul Momin Hussain Khel were shot dead by a soldier at Kandahar Governor’s House on October 18, 2018. The Wolesi Jirga election was suspended for a week in Kandahar province due to the attack. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident. At that time, NDS chief Masoom Stanikzai had said Taliban had planned the attack in foreign.

Three persons have been arrested in connection with the incident. However, the progress of the probe has not been shared with public so far. After the assassination of General Raziq, his brother Tadeen Khan was appointed as police chief of Kandahar. (AIP)