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Tajiks comprise 78 pc of Anti-Riot Force

KABUL (Pajhwok): Duties of two officials have been suspended and five were being interrogated after a letter disclosed asking for the recruitment personnel from other ethnic groups except the Tajik to the Anti-Riot Force.

Seventy-eight percent personnel of the Anti-Riot Force which also included the Public Order Police (POP) were currently comprised of the Tajik ethnic group. In the letter it was demanded that personnel from other ethnicities should be recruited to the forces to ensure balance and social justice.

 Five individuals who were being interrogated in connection to the letter belonged to Tajik tribe while the duties of POP Commander and its Chief of Staff both are Tajik had been suspended.

Formation of the Anti-Riot Force

Documents a copy of which received by Pajhwok Afghan News showed that former Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Jahid in July this year suggested to the Presidential Place the creation of Anti-Riot Units.

He suggested 500-member Anti-Riot Force in Kabul, 100-member in the police headquarters of seven zones of the country and 50-member forces in the POP units in 26 provinces.

The president approved these suggestions after three days. According to Presidential Orders no foreigners could be recruited in this force.

It says: “Approved with the context and attached schedule from the structure of Interior Ministry’s POP.”

But a letter issued from the headquarters of Kabul’s first Brigade says: “In line with the Presidential orders Anti-Riot Force comprised of 500 personnel has been formed. The letter asked that a list of officers and staff sergeants should be formed within 24 hours. Hazara, Uzbek and Pashton and Tajik are excluded from this process.”

The presidential orders regarding the formation of Anti-Riot Force said nothing reading the ethnic structuring of the force.

A reliable source, whishing anonymity, told Pajhwok Afghan News the name of POP Commander who is Tajik has been written in the letter but the signature is not his.

“Director Pezhand Col. Mohammad Qavi who arranged the letter and signed it is Tajik and resident of Kabul, Chief of Staff Brig. Gen. Syed Hassan Ali Hassanzada Sadaat who is Sadaat also signed the letter,” he said.

According to the source 78 percent personnel of the Anti-Riot Force comprised of 500-member and functioning within the structure of 101 Azmayee Zone are Tajik.

Of every five personnel of the Anti-Riot Forces four belong to Tajik tribe

he source said the personnel strength of Tajik tribe is never ignored and gained strong presence in the force.

According to information available with Pajhwok the president tasked and directed a delegation comprised of Interior Ministry’s military attorney generals, intelligence personnel and investigative personnel to investigate the issue. The disclosure of the letter sparked outraged and anger.

A letter issued on November 21 from the office of Interior Ministry’s first deputy, showed that investigation of the delegation resulted in the suspension of POP Commander Lt. Gen. Abdul Fatah and POP Chief of Staff Syed Ahmad Ali duties.

POP Pezhand Director Col. Abdul Qavi, POP First Brigad Communication Shift in Charge Mael Agha, POP First Brigad’s Battalion Shift In Charge St. Seg. Mohammad Aman, POP First Battalion Pezhand Deputy Director St. Seg. Muhauddin and the Pezhand General Directorate Officer Col Abdul Hai were being investigated from Nov 22.

According to the source of the seven officials were under interrogation one belonged to Sadaat and the remaining were Tajik.

It is pertinent to mention that the percentage of Tajiks was high in the POP. The issue raised at a time when according to Pajhwok information over half of the personnel of POP were Tajik.

Four of every ten officials of the POP are Tajik

The sources said actual positions in the POP were 13,049, while currently 12,357 were occupied.

“I hope media will cooperate in dissemination of these documents and reflecting the facts in order to avoid the disturbance of public minds and politicising the issue for personal interest,” the sources said.

The Interior Ministry has termed the issue a typing mistake and Minister Wais Barmak said: “I want to assure the people that Interior Ministry under my leadership would adopt professional and right direction.”

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