Taliban military vehicle crushes civilian’s car

HERAT (Khaama Press): Five people, mostly civilians, were killed and 10 others were injured when a Taliban military vehicle and a civilian car collided in Herat province in northwest Afghanistan, according to local sources.
According to sources, a military vehicle on late Friday night collided head-on with a non-military vehicle on the Herat-Islam Qala highway in the province of Herat in northwest Afghanistan.
The car collision in Herat-Islam Qala resulted in the deaths of 5 people—4 civilians and 1 Taliban member—and the injuries of 10 people—6 civilians and 4 Taliban fighters.
The injured are reported to have been taken to the Herat regional hospital, where they receive medical attention. The Taliban government’s local officials have not yet made any comments regarding the traffic accident.
While the cause of the traffic mishap in Heart is yet to be determined, the driver’s negligence is closely linked to the increased fatalities in traffic accidents across Afghanistan.
Other significant factors that substantially increase the number of traffic fatalities in Afghanistan daily include speeding, dangerous driving routes, reckless drivers, and a lack of traffic signals.