Taliban’s extremism leads to unrest, hardship and exodus: US Special Envoy

KABUL (Khaama Press): Rina Amiri, the US Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Girls and Human Rights in Afghanistan, has expressed her concern over the Taliban’s stringent measures against women, and the recent ban on women from entering amusement parks.
The US official Amiri stated on Twitter that the Taliban’s policies against girls and women are alarming as the group has deprived women and girls of education, work, and even the “small joys” of going to a park.
“This extremism will lead to instability, poverty & more population flight,” Amiri wrote on Twitter. “Those who fear a radicalized Afghanistan should be alarmed by the Taliban’s policies against women & girls”.
The Taliban’s most recent restriction bans women from entering amusement parks, public baths, and athletic clubs in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and other provinces.
Women are also forbidden from eating at a restaurant without a male chaperone, designated as a Muharram, as part of the Taliban’s gender segregation policies, which are allegedly enforced with the intention of “erasing” women from public spaces and society.
While required to wear the Taliban’s favored outer garment, the hijab, women are prohibited from working in government agencies, and girls are not allowed to continue their education past the sixth grade.
This comes as Amnesty International called on the international community not to turn a blind eye to the systematic erasure of Afghan women under Taliban rule.