The global information war

The Global Engagement Centre of the US Department of State has recently released a report according to which the Chinese Foreign Ministry tries to control the content of independent journalists around the world and manipulate the content according to Chinese strategies.

The coordinator for Global Engagement Centre has claimed that the Chinese government was trying to control the entire Pakistani information space by building a censorship operation so they can monitor the whole information space and make adjustments and changes according to their wishes and desires.

The US Diplomat said that Beijing is spending billions of dollars to create an ecosystem where China can project the content it wants the world to see, while Chinese strategy has now become a national security threat for the United States and Washington needs to spend more money to counter China’s false narratives. The ongoing US-China competition and propaganda campaign is on the rise and this race for supremacy has exceeded all nooks and corners of life.

This hybrid warfare is being fought in all seven continents from Asia to Africa and from true North to Far East Australia along with space and cyberspace, yet dragging Pakistan in the battle of two elephants by the American government is something unacceptable for the people of Pakistan. Pakistan has earlier paid a heavy price for its support to western bloc during the cold war and then during the Afghan war against former Soviet Union, the global War on Terror (ToW), while in reward Islamabad received stabotage of F-16 purchase deal, gift of Pressler, Symington and Glen amendments along with terrorizing Pakistan for designation of a terrorist sponsoring state.

The US strategists are once again pressurizing Pakistani leaders to join western camp, while multiple direct and indirect tools and tactics are being used to separate the South Asian nation from its first door neighbor and all weather proven friend. In fact, Pakistani nation was embattled with its cronic economic aliments, menace of terrorism and other issues those had been erupted due its previous external and internal policies in the past, and now it was not ready to further indulged in a fresh rigmarole which cause additional problems for the country. So, the belligerent nations must fight their battle themselves, so that Pakistan could tackle its issues and build a peaceful and prosperous future for its populace.