Terrorism resurrection on poise day

The so-called Mujaheed and self-claimed flag bearer of Islam has turned the birthday of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) into violence and destruction by weighing an undeclared war against innocent worshippers in multiple cities in the country.

Yesterday headlines in Pakistani media reported scores of deaths, and hundreds plus injuries, meanwhile, the nation fell in deep grief amid jubilation for Eid Milad-ul-Nabi.

According to reports, at least 52 people were killed and over 100 injured on Friday when a suicide bomber hit close to a gathering to mark the Prophet’s birthday in Mastung, Balochistan. In another terrorist incident, two suicide bombers attacked a mosque during the Jumma prayer within the premises of a Police Station in District Hangu Khyber Pakhtunkhwa resulting in three deaths and multiple injuries.

On the same day, three terrorists were killed and four soldiers got martyrdom in an encounter when the security forces targeted the TTP terrorists who infiltrated Pakistan from Afghanistan at the Pak-Afghan border in Zhob. The brave Pakistani military, Secuirty and Law Enforcement Agencies are in a war with the banned terror outfit after the TTP unilaterally revoked a ceasefire and initiated a fresh terrorism offensive against the state and the people of Pakistan late past year.

There had been a series of terrorist attacks against Pakistani LEAs, state institutions as well as innocent people along with places of worship and recreation, as mosques, temples, churches, religious shrines and parks became prime targets for the enemies of peace and prosperity of the country.

The recent upsurge in terrorist activities is the result of a successful Intelligence-based Counter Terrorism Operation that readily whipped out terrorism infrastructure in the country, particularly in Erstwhile FATA and KP districts bordering Afghanistan.

Currently, the terrorists are on the run and attempting to harass the Pakistani government through heinous acts of violence at poise occasions and sacred religious places. The state of Pakistan remained a lucrative grazing field and had served as a launch paid-for transnational criminals, terrorist groups and other wrongdoers to boost their illegal businesses and further export them to other countries in the world, while government institutions and their employees only remained involved in money-making through bribes and extortion.

Due to reason, Pakistan’s tribal area and major cities became a hub of terrorist groups, International smugglers, human traffickers and commodity hoarders, which choked the government system, destroyed law and order and spoiled the country’s economy. As the Pakistani government weighed the war against enemies of humanity, the frustrated terrorists turned their guns toward the common public to blackmail the rulers.

The public has always backed their valiant armed forces and never hesitated from any sacrifice essential for the security and well-being of their country. The wicked scheme of terrorist outfits neither weakens the resolve of the public nor harasses them from any backlash or mismeadenor.

Currently, the enemies of peace and Pakistan are camped inside Afghanistan and weigh new disasters against our people every other day from safe havens in that country, while the Pakistani government remains in the ploy of cooperation and joint work with the Afghan rulers, who continued crucial support to their strategic ally and tried to facilitate a favourable accord for them which didn’t work.

In fact, the nations had been used to funerals of young soldiers, elderly people and talented kids over the past two decades, and wanted to conclude this crusade to its logical end. Hence, the nation demands zero tolerance, no courtesy and no mercy with the death traders, their families and facilitators, so the ruins of peace and prosperity can be revitalized in a terror-hit nation in the coming days.