Turkey’s Maarif Foundation ready to reopen schools for girls

KABUL (Agencies): Turkey’s Maarif Foundation officials in Afghanistan say they are ready to open their doors to girls above the sixth grade once the suspension is lifted.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, the general director of the foundation Ahmad Takoor said there have been talks with the Islamic Emirate about reopening schools to girls.

“Yes, we talked with the authorities and our meetings are continuing and we will announce again when this issue becomes official; we want girls’ schools to be reopened and we are also talking and waiting for their response and our schools are ready for girls,” said Takoor.

He also said that students who graduated from Afghan-Turkish schools can get scholarships from Turkish universities. The process of registering new students for Afghan-Turkish schools in Afghanistan has also started, he added. The students of an Afghan-Turkish high school meanwhile are satisfied with the curriculum of the school, and also called for the reopening of girls’ schools.

Afghan-Turk Maarif Foundation has 25 schools across seven provinces in Afghanistan. They offer pre-school, primary school, high school and training centers. Thousands of students are enrolled at these facilities that employ over 1,000 staff members.