Türkiye’s unemployment rate down

F.P. Report

ISTANBUL: The unemployment rate was at 10.4% in Türkiye last year, down from 12% in 2021, official figures showed on Thursday.

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) said the number of unemployed people in the country – aged 15 years and over – dropped by 337,000 people to 3.58 million in 2022 versus the previous year.

The unemployment rate was at 8.9% for men and 13.4% for women in 2022.
The number of employed people was at 30.75 million last year, up by 1.95 million on a yearly basis.

The youth unemployment rate – 15-24 age group – was at 19.4%, down 3.2 percentage points over the same period.

“In 2022, 15.8% of total employment was employed in agriculture, 21.7% was employed in industry, 6.0% was employed in construction, and 56.5% was employed in services sector,” it added. (APP)