UN pledges to continue speaking on women’s rights in Afghanistan

KABUL (Khaama NEWS): The United Nations vowed to continue raising its voice on women’s rights in Afghanistan, though it could not disengage with the Taliban’s de facto regime over the decision barring women from working with the international organization.
After the two days of UN-led talks between 25 nations and groups of representatives, focusing on issues related to Afghanistan, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres told reporters in Doha on Tuesday, that the international organizations will never be silent in the face of a systematic attack on women and girls’ rights.
The meeting discussed finding a common approach to engage with the Taliban-led administration and the treatment of women and girls. Forming an inclusive government, countering terrorism, and drug trafficking were also key components of the agenda.
“To achieve our objectives, we cannot disengage with the Taliban. Many called for engagement to be more effective and based on lessons which we have learned from the past,” the UN chief said.
Participants in the closed-door talks included representatives from the US, Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey, and major European donors, who emphasized initiating a joint approach to deal with the de facto regime.
Besides the Taliban authorities having barred women from working with UN agencies, the UN chief stated that the organization cannot disengage with the Taliban and will continue delivering aid to the people of Afghanistan during these difficult times.
On the contrary, Sohil Shaheen, head of the Taliban’s office in Doha Qatar has described such talks as “one-sided and ineffective” as Taliban representatives were invited to the meeting.
Since the overthrow of the previous government, the Taliban regime has persistently deprived women and girls of their fundamental rights to education, work, and participation in public life. These discriminatory policies are unacceptable to the people of Afghanistan and the international community.