UNO and challenges ahead

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UN Secretary General, António Guterres addressed the opening ceremony of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. According to him, the world is on the brink of an abyss and moving in the wrong direction. He said that our world has never been more threatened than it is right now. The Secretary General said that the world community is facing a whole “cascade of crises”, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, climate problems, civil upheavals in Afghanistan and African countries. Guterres said that the blatant inequality between developed and undeveloped countries, as well as the lack of solidarity among them at a time when there is utmost need for it. According to him, the wealthy countries had completed vaccination of their population, while over 90% of Africans are still waiting for the opportunity to receive the first dose.
The Secretary General UNO, Antonio Guterres is a seasoned Politician and Diplomat. He had completed four years in the office of Secretary General UNO. While addressing the opening ceremony of the 76th session of UNGA, he has shed light on various challenges confronting the international community including COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, Afghanistan, and Africa. Guterres has warned the world leaders about disasters threatening to humanity as a whole. In fact, the most represented world forum has got mired due to authoritarianism and hegemonic attitude of the great powers, otherwise this forum has the potential and capability to make this world a heaven on the earth through restoration of peace, equality, and rule of law.
Most of the analysts are of the view that the image of UNO has tarnished due to the apologetic approach of the previous secretaries General toward commanding behavior of big powers. Due to submissive behavior of UNO, the powerful countries started using UN’s apron for coverup of their personal agendas at international level. Antonio has followed the legacy of his predecessors and made a prophecy in a vague language instead of a clear verdict. It is requested of the honorable Secretary General that he must abandon the policy of Kofi Hanan and initiate work to transform this world forum representative of 8 billion people of the world.

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