US model Gigi Hadid arrested, released for drugs possession

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Cayman Islands: American model Gigi Hadid is reported to have been arrested in the UK’s Cayman Islands for possessing marijuana and smoking utensils.

As reported, Gigi Hadid managed to avoid a conviction by pleading guilty and paying a fine of $1,000.

A day after news broke that Gigi Hadid was arrested for possession of marijuana in the Cayman Islands, the model shared photos and videos from her vacation in the Cayman Islands.

“All’s well that ends well,” Gigi captioned a slider post shared on Instagram.

Tabloid TMZ’s report claimed that the 28-year-old model was arrested on July 10 after arriving in the UK’s Cayman Islands from the US via a private jet.

Supermodel was found with a small amount of weed and smoking utensils in her bag during the customs check at the Owen Roberts International Airport.

Gigi was accompanied by her friend, Leah Nicole McCarthy, during the arrest.

Both of them were taken to the Prisoner Detention Centre and after going through necessary procedures, they were released on bail.

As per the report, on July 12, Gigi and Owen Roberts pleaded guilty in court and were fined 1,000 dollars, followed which the duo was released as there was no conviction on Gigi’s record.