Tehmina Janjua

Using Afghan soil, India sponsoring terror in Pakistan: Tehmina Janjua

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua has said that India by using Afghan soil is sponsoring terror in Pakistan.

Addressing a seminar at Institute of Business Administration (IBA) on Saturday, Tehmina Janjua asserted that Pakistan-United States relations would soon return to normalcy however, anti-Pakistan tweet of US President Donald Trump is beyond comprehension.

She said that Pakistan is responsible country, desirous of establishing better working relations with all the States especially the regional countries.

The Foreign Secretary said that Indian premier Narendra Modi is fanning Hindu extremism and that misuse of Afghan soil against Pakistan is a fact.

Pakistan has good ties with China, the Foreign Office (FO) official further said adding that Pakistan is focusing on better terms with Russia as well.

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