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Wahab: Federal Minister Murad
misinterpreted constitution

Sher Afzal

KARACHI: On January 13th, Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor for Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab held a press conference in the committee room of Sindh Assembly Building.

During the press conference the spokesperson of Sindh Government stated Federal Minister Murad Saeed misinterpreted the Constitution of Pakistan by making an incorrect statement in Parliament.  It would be better for him to fix the highways.

Provincial  Minister for Energy Imtiaz Sheikh along with Spokesperson of Sindh Government were also present on the occasion.

He further stated that, Murad Saeed does not do his basic work while interfering in other works.  When Murad Saeed talks about the constitution of Pakistan, he says that Imran Khan is the constitution and speaks of the law.

Sindh spokesperson also advised Federal Minister Murad Saeed to read Article 158 of the Constitution when Murad Saeed talks about court decisions that Imran Khan is “honest and trustworthy”. 

In 2011, the Sindh High Court had ruled that the federation must abide by Article 158 of the constitution, but federal ministers do not talk about the rights of Sindh and Balochistan out of hatred for the PPP, Wahab mentioned.

He said that the job of Murad Saeed is to make the National Highway Authority functional in the context of communication. 

While commenting on Karachi and Sukkur highways, Wahab remarked that it would not be better if you talk about political point scoring.  Murad Saeed is responsible for constructing Karachi and Sukkur highways while the condition of highways is very bad and dilapidated. 

“They are not fulfilling their responsibility,” he said.

Murad Saeed has once again tried to intervene unnecessarily.  Murad Saeed says the President issued the correct ordinance on Bundle Island he said.

Sindh spokesperson stated the president has the power to issue ordinances but not to interfere in any provincial affairs.  The President can issue ordinances on the legal authority of the federation. 

Moreover Whaab also talked about Article 47 of the constitution saying that Article 47 clearly states on which issue the President has jurisdiction.  Land is a provincial subject.  Article One clearly states that the land belongs to the provinces and these islands belong to Sindh and Balochistan, he said.

He further said that look at the list of federal legislatures, it is clear in its Article 172 that the islands in the territorial waters belong to the provinces. 

If it is said that the property belongs to the federation, then how is it?  It is said to come to Port Qasim, Z.A Bhutto passed the law in 1974, he said.

Sindh spokesperson also questioned saying that the Sindh government gave him 10,000 acres of land. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi was the Chief Minister at that time. If the ownership is federal, then what was the need for our NOC?  Does the federation seek permission from Sindh or the federation for development works in Islamabad or Port Qasim? 

Sindh spokesperson also said the word NOC was not written anywhere in the Sindh government’s letter. Constitutionally, they belong to Sindh.  If not, why would the federation write a letter? 

Sindh Spokesperson grilled the federal government that their reckless statements that mess up the relationship between the provincial and federal governments. He added that we will continue to fulfill our responsibilities.  The Sindh government will now have to make a tough decision.  There is also the decision of the High Court. The federal government is not enforcing the constitution out of malice, he stated.

Sindh spokesperson criticized Prime Minister saying that after taking notice of the Prime Minister, God bless him.  It will make 62 out of 52 ministers, but yesterday’s decision shows that the Prime Minister does not believe in work but in statements.

Durng the Press Conference Sindh spokesperson also talked about Haleem Adil Sheikh saying that Haleem Adil Sheikh did not know about millions and billions but asked them for lands which the  NICVD has denied.  He added that, Haleem Adil Sheikh’s job is to spread evil.  From yesterday’s press conference, it seems that the budget of NICVD is more than the country? 

Sindh Spokesperson also commented that the same audit office that Haleem Adil was referring to was declared blackmail by his federal cabinet yesterday. NICVD has served the country without any discrimination.

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