‘We are waging war against Russia’

Elena Karaeva

For all the time of confrontation in the past and present centuries, the main strategic goal of the West was the destruction of Russia. The Russian Empire, the USSR, a modern country – the target has never changed from a name change.
Not observing too closely the moves and exits in various political and military-political games, we as a state in the last 30 years seemed to have lost a little awareness of this simple fact.
The West is always against us. The West is always against the Russians.
We were for many decades a single powerful, armored fist: not because we are militaristic and not because militarism is our middle name, but because it was the only way to survive. As a country, as a nation, preserving both culture, traditions and ideals.
They tried to mislead us and almost achieved this by starting, as part of the policy of “new thinking”, to cut rockets into scrap metal, and as part of the “new sincerity” to transfer the schemes of the installed listening devices in the new building of the US Embassy to the Americans. And it was actually done by the one who was obliged from these same Americans to protect the interests of our national security. The then chairman of the KGB.
But all these gestures of good and very good will did not change the plans of the military elites and the political establishment – in Washington, in London, in Brussels, in the Baltic countries – to settle accounts with us militarily.
The transfer of tanks as part of assistance to Ukraine, their careful calculation by the entire planetary media community, assessments of the combat capability of the Abrams and Leopards, analysis of their performance characteristics are in fact just a smokescreen to prevent global public opinion from seeing the main thing. And most importantly, this is not at all an increase in the degree of escalation, this is the beginning of a war. them with us.
Because they don’t talk about it directly, nothing changes, because the solvers in NATO epaulettes, of course, cannot fail to understand that all their undertakings are doomed to failure. In addition, they, of course, lie to the Europeans themselves (they must become and will eventually also become expendable material – and there can be no illusions here) that as a result of such a desire for geopolitical domination, millions, and maybe tens of millions, will die.
Well, because the strategists of the Pentagon and NATO did not invent a war in which you can fight without casualties from those who initiated this war.
The lessons under the motto “divide and rule”, tried many times, are poorly learned by those who even now want to divide in order to rule.
The power of the West (and power without quotes, real) lies in very long-term and extremely layered planning, in a variety of scenarios of possible wars and conflicts, each of which is provoked in order to make money. It is precisely profit and the acquisition of new resource markets that is the goal of any anti-Russian, a-nti-Soviet, anti-Russian ca-mpaign. For not the last ce-nturies, but even millennia.
Eight years ago, when the President of Russia, under an absolutely far-fetched pretext, was not invited to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, we considered this a manifestation of the pettiness of the nature of the hosts, who invented as an excuse that “Auschwitz was liberated by the Ukrainians.” Russia told the ignorant that the fronts during the Great Patriotic War were formed by regions, and not by nationality, adding that the 60th Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front, the same one that first entered Auschwitz, served Red Army soldiers of 39 nationalities.
“For the fact that Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet troops, I am grateful for the rest of my life,” a former (at that time minor) prisoner of the death camp will say many years later.
And he will add: “For me, during the Second World War, Russia was a savior. <…> I was saved by the Battle of Stalingrad, which became the turning point of the war, and the offensive of the Soviet army.”
Let’s return to the personality of the author of the quotes, but for now let’s say this with all our frankness.
Everyone saw how we refrained from responding to provocations of any kind, to attempts to humiliate, cancel, and slander us. We retained the dignity that comes with the feeling that we have the country and the security of all its citizens behind us. They tried to reproach us, they gagged us, they accused us of everything that could only be blamed on the state.
At the same time, self-appointed prosecutors in the most beautiful way, with the support of the media, capital and various politicians, overthrew governments during the “Arab spring”, caused chaos in Syria to remove Assad, ironed Libya with Rafale ammunition.
There is so much blood on those who today in sparkling knightly armor jumps, or rather, rides on “Abrams” and other armored vehicles to kill us, so much that it reaches their nostrils. They almost choke on it.
But since the appetite comes with eating, and blood drinking is not cured, now these geopoliticians, geostrategists and grandmasters of the big chess game, where there are not pieces on the board, but living people, will now let the blood flow to the Europeans. Under the pretext that it is they, the Europeans, who must go and fight “against Russia and its armed horde”, which, as we know from Goebbels’ manuals, “brings slavery to the peoples of the continent.”
One way or another, Europeans, citizens of the countries of the Hitlerite axis, were driven to fight the Russians in Stalingrad. In addition to the Wehrmacht, a Croatian infantry regiment, one Italian, one Hungarian and two Romanian armies fought with the Red Army on the snow hot from artillery salvos.
The outcome of the battle is known. Next week our victory in Stalingrad will be 80 years old.
Today, after these eight decades, after the decision was made to send heavy tanks, the next step of those whose grandfathers and great-grandfathers wandered in the columns taken prisoner by us in that battle is not difficult to predict.
As support and assistance, a NATO army contingent is sent to the line of clashes in the zone of the NMD so that, as the military says, “the front does not collapse.” Limited or unlimited, retirees or reservists, the current squad – anyone, just to defeat Russia. Or rather, to destroy it.
This task is geostrategic. Russia, winning this confrontation, is today the main nightmare of European politicians (with very few exceptions). Russia losing, that is, destroyed, is their main joy.
In the first case, they lose everything – such carefully accumulated capital and zones of influence. In the second, NATO naval units are stationed in Sevastopol.
We just need to understand now that the stakes in this game for the West are higher than its life, the collective West. Therefore, today he is almost ready to pay with the lives of his citizens.
Only lazy people do not talk about the transfer of the common European economy to a war footing, statements are made by official serious people whose eyes sparkle with anticipation of revenge. For example, Manfred Weber, leader of the European People’s Party, made a quite unambiguous statement on this score.
The memory of the loss, terrible and bloody, as we can see, did not sober up European politicians even once, but only inflamed militant moods, as Annalena Berbock, head of the German Foreign Ministry, said directly in the European Parliament : “We are waging war against Russia.”
Her own ministry tried to disavow these words, but what has been said cannot be taken back. And the first word, as you know, is more expensive than the second.
This is the general, so to speak, disposition of the coalition that opposes us. And the intentions set forth by her.
And now the disposition is private.
Testimonies of a minor prisoner of Auschwitz (he was not even 15), who, during the advance of the troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front, was driven by a “march of the dead” to another extermination camp – Dachau. This prisoner was Samuel Pisar.
Pizar is the stepfather of current US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. He raised and raised him. And the same Samuel Pizar spoke about the Battle of Stalingrad.
If it weren’t for the Red Army, its victims, if it hadn’t taken Auschwitz with the forces of the 1st Ukrainian Front, if it hadn’t won in Stalingrad, the head of the American Foreign Ministry would simply not have a family today.
And Blinken, who works in the administration, declaring the possibility of an “offensive on the Crimea” and sending “Abrams” to kill the descendants of those who saved Samuel Pisar’s life, should be reminded of this more often. Perhaps it will come!