Welcome to Pakistan Dear Malala

Mahwish Khokhar

A question popping up in every Pakistani’s brain about surprise visit of controversial Malala Yousafzai. I was just going through some news articles when snobbish face of Malala appeared with a headline, “I have dreamed of coming to Pakistan for 5 years.” She gained fame after a highly trained, fearless, fully armed, and lethal Taliban missed his target entirely and got scared after missing his target and ran away. I mean, a fearless Taliban can shoot as much time as emptying his gun but so fortunate that he got scared and ran away. Phew!! Mashaa-Allah you are such a lucky girl.
However, thousands of children, women, and men have perished because of dr-one attacks by NATO forces in tribal areas of Pakistan. Aren’t they humans? Or maybe are considered as gun fodder by so called peace bringing forces. Why Malala never talked about drone attacks by US forces in villages where children, women, and men are burnt to death? Isn’t it violation of human rights? Strange right?
A 12 years old was shifted to UK, who is a Nobel laureate now. 20 years old Malala is given reception by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. Coming from very poor background but going to UK opened fortune of treasures for her and she started dreaming about becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan. So, can we say that we are watching two hopeful contenders for prime minister-ship together? Jokes apart!!
The reason for writing this article is to analyze the statements of Malala Yousafzai. She said, “Today is the happiest day of my life, because I have returned to my country, I have stepped foot on my nation’s soil again and am among my own people.” Hmmm my nation altogether sound like you are considering yourself as a leader of patriotic Pakistanis; not so fast my dear girl!! Views of patriotic Pakistanis about you are subject to many debates for the past 8 years. And I know that it is harsh to say but most of the patriotic Pakistanis don’t really like you for not raising your voice for what is right. You can win millions of hearts in Pakistan by focusing on eliminating negative image of Pakistan. In a statement about Swat you said “it was such a beautiful place”. It still is heavenly and Pakistan Army is opening many schools and colleges for the local people.
Nevertheless, your efforts for girl’s education are highly remarkable. Your efforts for underprivileged girls from around the world are receiving huge feedback, nevertheless there are many challenges that are still looming around. It melted my heart the way I saw you crying and I am happy that you stepped into Pakistan’s soil. Pakist-ani’s will appreciate your eff-orts if you will encash your i-nfluence in the world for buil-ding positive image of Pakistan.

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