Western alliance against Asian darling

White House Spokesperson, Karine Pierre endorsed Ottawa’s claim regarding the killing of a Canadian Sikh in British Columbia, supposedly masterminded by an Indian Diplomat a few months back. Karine expressed deep concern about the plot and informed that Canada and the US are regularly in touch with each other on important issues.

The ongoing India- Canada row has gained worldwide popularity and the cost of the assassination bid of a Sikh leader dubble down on the Modi regime who was championing the huge dividends attached to fake democracy and secularism in the sole radicle Hindu state in the world. As of now, the entire Western world fully backs Canada and clamped hard on New Delhi, which enjoyed the status of West’s Darling after tightening the knot with the United States nearly a decade ago.

Realistically, the Modi government and its RSS gangs have squeezed land for Indian minorities in the country, while the notorious Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) with the active support of the Indian diaspora abroad haunts Sikh and Kashmiri freedom activists, political dissents and human rights defenders in other nations particularly London, Brussels, New York and Washington, Ottawa and multiple other destinations to harras and suppress their voices in support of minorities in India.

According to Indian media, the deceased Sikh Canadian citizen was supposedly involved in raising and supporting the Khalistan cause which aims at creating a separate, free and independent state in the heart of Meha-Bharat, that was not acceptable to Hindu rulers in New Delhi. Interestingly, the killing of the Sikh leader cost a heavy political, economic and strategic price to the Modi regime that the RAW anti-dissident operation turned into a global political embarrassment for New Delhi while exposing the draconian face behind the cosmetic blush of India. There is a lot to learn from New Delhi’s strategic manoeuvring and hawkish policies of the BJP government that will finally end up under heavy weights of distress and miseries of Indian minorities.