WhatsApp launches new app for Windows

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NEW YORK: Meta-owned WhatsApp announced on Thursday that users can connect the widely used communication app on up to four devices despite phones losing their batteries.

Taking to Twitter, the instant messaging app said: No charger, no problem. Now you can link WhatsApp to up to 4 devices so your chats stay synced, encrypted, and flowing even after your phone goes offline.

It also wrote: To make linking devices even easier, we’ve created an entirely new app for Windows. With faster loading and a familiar interface, chatting between devices feels seamless.

WhatsApp consistently updates its features to facilitate its users worldwide. Recently, it has launched some new and exciting updates.

What are the new updates?

Number of participants

WhatsApp has increased the number of participants who can be added to a single group.

The app has doubled the number of users from 512 to 1,024. Now, more users can be added to a single group without worrying about space.

Admins in control

Giving the group admins more control, WhatsApp is allowing them to approve new member requests.

“When new members want to join the group and this option is enabled, group admins can review them by opening ‘Pending participants’ within the group info screen or tapping the in-chat banner,” said WaBetaInfo.

Groups in common

WhatsApp has brought a new update for users by providing them with the ability to see groups they have in common with the contact they are searching for.

This would be useful in situations where they can recall the name of the participant of that group but the group’s name.

The new feature provides users with more information when they search for contacts within the search bar.