Where we are going today: 5 Rivers Indian Restaurant

Afshan Aziz

Indian food is a delightful combination of myriad ingredients and flavors, and fine-dining destination 5 Rivers offers guests a taste of the country’s famous culinary traditions.

The restaurant, perfect for corporate luncheons and private gatherings with family and friends, serves truly authentic flavors of India to the table.

Our meal began with toasted papadums served with yogurt chutney made of coriander, mint, and chilies.

There are many options to choose from, but for starters, we had murgh yakhani and tamatar tulsi shorba — a tomato basil soup that is a must-try. The aloo akharot ki tikki, or potato-walnut patties served with yogurt, mint, and tamarind chutney, and the melt-in-your-mouth crunchy Chicken 65 are equally appetizing.

Guests can enjoy the view of a live open kitchen, where the flames and action at the tandoors — large, urn-shaped ovens — make for an entertaining experience.

The restaurant has a special tandoor menu for guests who enjoy BBQ platters. The seekh kebab, murgh tikka trio (chicken tikka), and lehsuni jheenga (garlic jumbo prawn) are definitely not to be missed.

For the main course, quintessential dishes like butter chicken, the Hyderabadi chicken korma, rara ghosht (lamb mince and cubes onion-tomato gravy), dal makhani, mixed vegetable jalfrezi and palak paneer (cottage cheese cooked with mildly spiced spinach sauce) are worth trying.

The freshly served naans, or Indian bread, also deserve a special mention for being irresistibly soft and fluffy.

End your meal with 5 Rivers’ mojitos, which come in different flavors ranging from strawberry to blueberry, or a warm cup of Indian karak tea.

The staff is welcoming and available to explain the unique aspects of the dishes on the menu.

Courtesy: arabnews