Working women issues

In the past few years, the role of a woman has changed drastically in Pakistan. Women are now stepping out of their houses to earn and break free from all stereotypes that confine women to live inside home. Women can now be seen working as fire fighters, pilots,air traffic Controllers, bankers, company executives, labourers, farmers and what not. In short, women are now found working in every sector. They’re supporting their families and earning for themselves with successful careers. Yet, there are many barriers they face to prove themselves as equal individuals when out and about in the field.

The most shameful challenge a woman faces when she leaves home in our society is sexual harassment. Until and unless the working environment is safe and healthy, a Pakistani woman cannot consider working anywhere. A lot of men are under the notion that a working woman is probably compromising in nature and they prey upon this factor for this cruel deed. Many awful men consider such women an easy target.

Secondly it’s not a Pakistani office if it isn’t full of men with ego issues. These are the types of men who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen and just can’t seem to grasp why you’re working. And God forbid if you’re placed above them in the hierarchy. They’ll never take you seriously, will probably interrupt you during meetings and rest assured, they’ll talk about you in not-so-praising terms with their male colleagues behind your back. All because you’re a woman.

The concept of working woman, leading a blissful domestic life, has not yet been accepted by our society yet. It is time to give serious attention to the suppressed, harassed working woman who also bears the burden of domesticity. It lies with her husband and immediate family to help lighter burden and assist her in leading a normal happy life. Hats off to the strength of working ladies!

Junaid Anwar


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