100 Afghan female students prevented from traveling to Dubai

KABUL (Khaama Press): A group of female students from Afghanistan, who had been granted the opportunity to pursue higher education in the United Arab Emirates, were prevented from boarding their flights by Taliban officials at the Kabul airport. These young girls, eager to embark on their education journey, were hindered by the decision of Taliban officials, leaving them unable to proceed with their travel plans. Khalaf Al Habtoor, a prominent Emirati businessman, has voiced his deep disappointment in response to the incident involving the Afghan female students. In a video message, he criticized the actions of the Taliban, expressing his dismay at the hindrance they have caused to the education and aspirations of these young women. Al-Habtoor facilitated the education of these 100 Afghan girls by providing scholarships to UAE universities, covering crucial aspects like travel expenses, accommodation, health insurance, and other necessary funds. Khalaf al-Habtoor’s initiative, 100 scholarships for Afghan girls’ higher education in UAE, is overshadowed by Kabul airport’s travel obstruction—scholarships aimed at holistic support and promising futures. In a voice message, the girls said that despite having valid reasons, the Taliban forces prevented them from travelling. Mr Khalaf expressed concern about the Taliban’s intervention, which prevented Afghan girls from reaching Dubai as planned. Last year, this UAE businessman pledged 100 scholarships for girls in Dubai, coinciding with their denied university access. The prominent Al-Habtoor Business Group operates across various sectors in Dubai, including hospitality, automotive, education, and publishing.