1000 families receive cash aid in Herat: UN

HERAT (TOLOnews): The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has helped 1,000 poor families in Herat with cash aid, it reported.
According to the officials of this office, every needy family has received close to 50,000 afghanis.
“For families, we distributed approximately 47,700 afghanis and it’s our duty to help our countrymen,” said Abdul Ghafor Jalal, financial deputy of the Refugee and Reparation dept in Herat.
Some low-income people come to the Refugee and Repatriation department from districts to receive help and some of them said that due to hunger and economic challenges, they are here for help.
“It’s a big help for us and we can use it for three and four months, we haven’t any income,” said Khan Mohammad, a needy person.
“We don’t have food materials in our house, even bread,” said Zainab, a needy person.
Meanwhile, some Herat residents said that hunger and poverty have increased in society and low-income people need more help.
“There are poor people that do not have work and cannot go abroad,” said Khoda Dadh.
“We are poor and have nothing and we need more help,” said Lal Jan, a person in need.