$2.8 Billion in Additional U.S. Military Assistance for Ukraine and Its Neighbors

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON: Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State has said that it has been seven months since President Putin’s February invasion of Ukraine, and the war’s terrible toll continues to mount.

Thousands of civilians killed or wounded, 13 million Ukrainian civilians forced to flee their homes, historic cities pounded to rubble, horrifying reports of ongoing atrocities, nuclear power stations put at risk, food shortages, skyrocketing food prices around the world.

Ukraine’s extraordinary front-line defenders continue to courageously fight for their country’s freedom, and President Biden has been clear we will support the people of Ukraine for as long as it takes.

I reiterated this message to President Zelenskyy and his team today in Kyiv, which remains ̶ and will remain ̶ the capital of a sovereign, independent Ukraine.

I also informed President Zelenskyy that, pursuant to a delegation of authority from the President, I am authorizing our twentieth drawdown since September 2021 of U.S. arms and equipment for Ukraine. This $675 million drawdown includes additional arms, munitions, and equipment from U.S. Department of Defense inventories ̶ equipment that Ukraine’s forces have used so effectively for their country’s defense.

In addition, we are also notifying Congress today of our intent to make a further $2.2 billion available in long-term investments under Foreign Military Financing to bolster the security of Ukraine and 18 of its neighbors; including many of our NATO Allies, as well as other regional security partners potentially at risk of future Russian aggression.

These announcements will bring the total U.S. military assistance for Ukraine to approximately $15.2 billion since the beginning of this Administration.

The United States is providing security assistance alongside our allies and partners from more than 50 countries to support Ukraine’s defense. The capabilities we are delivering are carefully calibrated to make the most difference on the battlefield.

We stand United with Ukraine.