20 Faryab schools need post-war repair: Officials

FARYAB (TOLOnews): Faryab education officials say that in Dawlat Abad district more than 20 schools need improvement, and specifically repairs and renovation.
According to the officials, most of these schools were damaged in fighting and now need to be rebuilt.
These schools also lack books and other educational materials, say students.
“There was war and it destroyed our school, there is no door or windows, everything is damaged,” said Ehsan Ullah, a student.
“One year ago there was war, but now peace is everywhere, the effects of the war are still evident,” said Zayen Ullah, a student.
Some students called on the Ministry of Education to address their problems.
“We have a lack of books and teachers, we ask the government to address our problems,” said Abdul Raziq, student.
Meanwhile the head of education in Faryab acknowledged the challenges.
“The planes bombed… the roof of the school is destroyed, and students cannot study in the second floor or study on the first floor,” said Mawlawi Hafiz Ullah, head of education in Faryab. Previously, the head of education of Faryab said that more than 200 schools need repairs and called on aid institutions to help with this issue.