21st anniversary of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s assassination

KABUL (Tolonews): Friday, September 9, is the 21st anniversary of the assassination of Ahmad Shah Massoud, Jihadi commander. Ahmad Shah Massoud was killed on this day in an explosion in Khajwa Bahawuddin district of Takhar.
The previous Afghan government designated Ahmad Shah Massoud a national hero and made the 9 September (18 Sunbula) a public holiday. The High Council for National Reconciliation’s former chairman Abdullah Abdullah and former president Hamid Karzai issued public messages marking the day.
“I honor the 21st anniversary of the martyrdom of the country’s national hero Ahmad Shah Masoud. The national hero of the country, Ahmad Shah Masoud, was a mujahid and patriot of the country who was martyred as a result of the conspiracy of foreigners and at the hands of foreigners. The memories of this great man of the country’s jihad are in the minds of all the people of Afghanistan. May his soul be happy and his memory be cherished,” Karzai tweeted.
Ahmad Shah Massoud, son of Colonel Dost Mohammad Khan, was born in the Jangalak area in Panjshir district in September 1953.
He spent his childhood days in Panjshir and started school at the age of five. As a young boy he moved to Herat with his family and then to Kabul where he continued his studies.
“There is no one like Amer Sahib. He was a well-rounded character,” said Sayed Zahir, a resident of Kabul.
“He was not selfish; he was a mujahid who wanted victory, and Mujahideen from every province were with him,” said Abdul Wase, another resident of Kabul. Massoud enrolled at the Polytechnic University in Kabul in 1973 and at the same time received membership in the Nahzat Islamic Afghanistan party. Two years later, in 1975, he led the first rebellion of Panjshir residents against the government of that time. Ahmad Shah Massoud then left the university in the middle of his studies to fight the Soviet Union. “He was a wise leader with a clear vision of the situation in the region and the world,” said Hekmatullah Mirzada, university lecturer.
Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated by two suicide bombers posing as journalists in Khajwa Bahawuddin district of Takhar in September 2001.