$40m cash aid package reaches Kabul: DAB

KABUL (Khaama Press): Afghanistan’s central bank on Sunday announced that $40 million, as part of the UN’s cash aid package, had reached Kabul.
Afghanistan central bank also known as ‘Da Afghanistan Bank’ (DAB) on Sunday said on Twitter that as part of United Nations cash aid, a fresh $40 million has been transferred to Kabul.
According to the central bank, so far, 24 $40 million and more than 30 $32 million aid packages have been dispatched to Afghanistan. After the return of the Taliban to Power in August 2021, the international community’s cash aid packages reach a total of $1.873 billion.
The central bank has stated that the government appreciates the international community’s support in shipping cash into the country aimed at helping vulnerable families during these difficult times. The central bank is trying its best to strengthen the private banking sector of the country, it added.
Besides thanking the UN, the central bank wished that the cash shipment could be transferred through the banking system. Since the Taliban’s return to power, Afghanistan’s banking system including private and public has been paralyzed and has minimum access to global banking systems.
United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) had earlier clarified that cash packages shipped to Afghanistan are deposited in UN accounts in a private bank, and will be used by UN agencies solely for the purpose of humanitarian aid and other supportive programs. The money will not be handed over to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the announcement said.
The United Nations transports cash into Afghanistan for use by UN agencies. The UN uses the funds to conduct its work in Afghanistan, primarily in providing critical humanitarian assistance to millions of Afghans requiring support.
A central reason the UN brings cash into Afghanistan is due to the disruption to international banking transfers and liquidity issues since August 2021.