7,000 male students take medical school exit exam

KABUL (TOLOnews): An exit exam for graduate medical students was held at Kabul University only for male students.
More than 7,000 graduates of the School of Medicine from various provinces took part in the test, according to Gul Mohammad Osman, director of the Afghanistan Medical Council. No female students were present.
The Afghanistan Medical Council officials noted that when the procedure was approved, female students will also be permitted to take the test in the second round.
“This test is conducted in two rounds, the first round is for males, and the second round is for women,” said Gul Mohammad Osman, director of the Afghanistan Medical Council.
“The procedure that we have finalized is on behalf of the medical council. Following approval by the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the test of the female will be taken in the second round,” said Ahmad Shah, technical consultant of the council.
The National Examination Authority has said that the results of this exam will be made public in a week.
“The National Examination Authority will take this exam in complete transparency,” said Rahmatullah Haqqani, deputy of the National Examinations Authority.
“There are 106 questions in the test. According to the Afghanistan Medical Council’s standards, 60% of the questions must be answered in order to succeed,” said Yama Aman, a technical adviser to the National Examination Authority.
Some female and male graduate medical students asked the Islamic Emirate not to politicize the field of medicine and to allow female students to take the exam.
“Do not politicize medical school because we are completely distinct from politics, let us advance and let us reach our dreams,” said Kamila, a graduate medical student.
“Females make up half of our society. We want all the Islamic Emirate officials to start working on their exam and the procedure and to take an exam,” said Rahmatullah, another graduate student.
According to figures from the Afghanistan Medical Council, 10,000 participants, including 3,000 women, have registered for the Faculty of Medicine’s final exam.