80 Taliban fighters killed in Faryab army operation

KABUL (AT News): The Army’s Special Forces conducted an operation against Taliban strongholds in the northern province of Faryab, killing 80 insurgents, military officials said.

A statement released by the 209 Shaheen Military Corps, said that there were 16 key commanders of the Taliban group among the dead, while another 27 insurgents were wounded, it added.

The operation was launched after intelligence briefing suggested the Taliban had planned to storm Qaysar and Ghormach districts of the province.

The army said there was no report about casualties of Special Forces and civilians. Taliban did not comment on the latest causality.

Faryab is a key province in the north of the country that its security situation impacts the entire north part of the country, according to experts.

The Taliban group occasionally conducts assaults on security checkpoints and compound of the districts. Many districts of province have been battlefield between the Taliban insurgents and the government security forces.