A mysterious man demands independent judicial commission on election-2018

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: A mysterious man Demands Independent larger Judicial Commission on Election- 2018 and wants to bring reforms in Pakistan’s Society. It was claimed by an individual Hakeem Najeeb-Ul- Hassan allis two hat wearer (Do Topi Wali Sarkar) in a News Conference here in Islamabad on Thursday.

He said that the Pakistani society is too much trivialized, take away from its path and had absorbed lot of social illnesses in itself. He claimed to has a reform agenda for it. He suggested formulation of an independent larger Judicial Commission on Election 2018. However, he claimed to share details of his plan about Judicial Commission on 22 January 2021. While answering the questions he denied his relation with any political and religious party or group rather he claimed to be a supernatural personality ( Mujadad) and spent last 36 years of his life in caves of Margalla Hills near Islamabad. He refused to tell any detail about past history of his life. He told the media that he hails from Karachi. He didn’t explain why he felt need of a judicial commission on Election 2018 and his motives behind it.

While providing details on his theology he said that he is inspired by three reformers of Indo-Subcontinent  those are Mahtima Buddha,(Founder of Buddhism)  Guru Manink ( founder of Sikhism) and one lived near Islamabad but he refused to disclose his name due to hidden motives.

Despite,  the bombshells question from Journalists present at the eve, Hakeem Najeeb-Ul- Hassan allis two hat wearer (Do Topi Wali Sarkar) told them to wait for January 22, to get details about him and his plan on Independence larger Judicial Commission.