About 500 new mines surveyed in past year, says MoMP

KABUL (Agencies): In series of annual government accountability to the nation, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum on Monday shared its one-year development, achievements, missions, and future plans with the nation through media.
In a press conference, held at the government’s information and media center, the Mines and Petroleum Minister, Sheikh Hadith Shahabuddin Delawar sharing the annual reports of the Ministry said: “Mines are the wealth of the Afghan nation and the Islamic Emirate is working hard to maintain this wealth and for the well-being of the nation and for its sustainable and resourceful use.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed to building transparency in the mining sector and devoting its revenue to the enactment of basic and national projects for the economic development of the country and the welfare of the people, Minister Delawar said.
He assured that the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, taking into account the principle of balanced development in the country, gives priority to the development of reserves and oil and gas resources and ensures transparency and accountability by using electronic systems.
Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Ministry, Hamayun Afghan, said: “In the past year, the survey teams of the ministry have discovered 493 mineral deposits in 25 provinces.
By contracting many mines source in different provinces of the country including Kabul 7000 people have been directly employed and thousands of other people have been indirectly employed, over the course of a year, the Ministry said.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has 200 contracts for small-scale mining in the country, added Afghan.
The discovering of new mines, inspiring domestic and foreign investors, contracting new mines, reassuring the processing within the country, and making efforts related to major mining economic projects, are the important plans of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum for this year, according to the officials of the Ministry.