Afghan deaf community wants IEA to solve issue

KABUL (Agencies): The country’s deaf community, in a meeting with Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, called on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to address their problems. They are complaining, even though they are deserved it, the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled has not registered them for receiving help.
Batur, who spoke in sign language, in this meeting, talked on behalf of others regarding the problems and challenges of the country’s deaf community to Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, the Deputy Prime Minister.
He mentioned that unemployment and poverty are the main problems of the deaf, and said that the deaf is still not registered in the framework of the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled. He asked the officials of the Islamic Emirate to pay special attention to the problems of the deaf community.
For his part, Deputy Prime Minister Hanafi said: “The deaf community, like other citizens, has their rights, and the Islamic Emirate pays attention to addressing the problems of the Afghan people, especially those who are in unusual circumstances, as one of its priorities.”
He stated that the officials of the Islamic Emirate will utilize all their efforts to identify and address the problems of the county’s deaf community.