Afghan embassy facing financial problems

KABUL (Tolo News): The Afghan embassy in Washington is struggling with financial issues, a top Afghan diplomat said, saying that if the financial problems are not solved, the continuation of Afghanistan’s diplomatic mission in the US will be impossible.
The deputy Afghan ambassador to the US, Abdul Hadi Najrabi, said the US Department of State demanded that the embassy hand over all of its property. Earlier, the New York Times reported that Afghan diplomats in the US were seeking permission to remain in the US after they lost their pay and faced the possibility of being deported. “The letter we received on February 1st by the US Department of State, we were asked to accept a date to transfer the property of the embassy to the State Department,” said Najrabi.
According to the deputy Afghan ambassador, the Afghanistan embassy in Washington received several letters from the current Afghan government over establishing ties with the Afghan diplomatic mission in the US. “However, the Kabul side made demands of us but we gave a negative response because we are still representing the former government,” he said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not commented on this issue so far.
With the fall of the former government, the Afghan diplomatic missions across the world have faced an uncertain fate. “The Afghan diplomats have not received salaries for the past six months. They are not in contact with the capital and are living in uncertainty. This issue will also have a negative influence on Afghanistan,” said Sayed Norullah Raghi, a former diplomat.