Afghan musician wins Aga Khan award for music 2022

KABUL (Khaama Press): The winners of Aga Khan music award 2022 was announced in Switzerland on Wednesday, featuring all 10 laureates with diverse identities and backgrounds including one from Afghanistan.
According to a press release published by the Aga Khan Development Network, the awardees receive $5,000 cash prize plus professional development opportunities including commissions for creation of new works, contracts for recordings and artist management, support for pilot education initiatives, and technical or curatorial consultancies for music archiving, preservation and dissemination projects.
Daud Khan Sadozai, an Afghan musician who plays Rubab, a popular musical instrument is among the laureates of the 2022 Aga Khan music award.
Daud Khan entered into the music world when he was only 17 and was following Ustad Mohammad Omar, the “Sultan of Rubab” of Afghanistan.
According to his biography, after the death of his teacher, Daud Khan Sadozai emigrated to Germany, where he studied engineering. Later he travelled to India to study the sarod, an adaptation of the Afghan rubab, with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. He presently lives in Cologne, Germany, and though he has never returned to Afghanistan, his impact on the preservation, development, and dissemination of Afghan music worldwide has been pronounced and sustained.
He has trained many young musicians of both Afghan and non-Afghan origin in the unique Kabuli style of Hindustani raga performed on the Afghan rubab as well as in instrumental music from Afghanistan’s regional folk traditions.
Along with frequent appearances as a solo concert artist, he regularly participates in workshops and masterclasses devoted to intercultural music-making, where he is known as an inspiring and generous teacher.