Afghan peace and idea of referendum

The newly established Afghanistan Justice and Freedom party called for a referendum on the federal system as a meaningful way for the country to climb out of its current crisis. Afghan former Vice President and Chairman of Afghanistan Justice and Freedom Party told the media that the modern federal system with the primitive kings of the territorial division is a funny joke but in no way constructive or serious attempt to put a country on a sustainable development track.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been in a state of chaos and political instability most of the time in its history, however, the Afghan nation went through recurrent periods of wars, rebellions, civil insurgencies, and armed conflicts over the past several decades. Historically, foreign military interventions also failed to unite the public and multiple armed groups fought agaisnt Soviet occupation, and later those armed groups battled agaisnt each other for the sake of power. The Taliban came to power to restore peace but could not survive for a longer time. Later on, Northern Alliance sided with the United States and its allies and fought agaisnt the Taliban for two decades until the US withdrew from the country.

Interestingly, the public verdict and sane voices had never been given much importance in Afghanistan and the nation had mostly been ruled by warlords, tribal sardars, and influential. The Afghan society comprises of several ethnic groups including Pushtun, Tajik, Uzbek, and Hazaras while the religious conservatives have a dominant role in the society whereas a tiny liberal faction also lives in major cities.

There is a wide range of differences among the masses regarding the system of the government and each ethnic and religious group intends to impose its own version of the government which suits itself and prolongs its rule in the country. Currently, a political group has floated the idea of a referendum to bridge the gap and end rivalry between different segments of society. The Afghan government and other stakes holders should deliberate on this idea and if possible such a mechanism must be applied to end the decades-long conflict, and restore peace and revive constructive political and economic activities in the war-hit country.