Afghans react to US Capitol chaos

KABUL (Tolo News): Afghans reacted to the storming the US Congress by supporters of President Donald Trump, calling it an unprecedented incident. Many countries and world leaders swiftly mobilized in condemning the move by the Trump’s supporters. The Afghan government has not yet responded officially.

“What happened in the United States was surprising for the Afghan people and the entire world,” said Mirwais, a Kabul resident. “The incident that happened in the United States was something unexpected and unbelievable not only for me but also for the people across the world,” said Nazeer, a resident in Kabul.

“The American people are educated. They strongly believe in democracy, but what happened recently was unexpected,” said Faisal Malik, a Kabul resident. Experts said that Afghanistan’s involvement in the challenges and on social and political turmoil within the country makes the country’s leaders not to dare to take a stand against such major events in other countries.

US lawmakers had gathered in a joint session of US Congress to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory were forced to evacuate after Trump supporters turned violent and stormed the building and made their way into the Senate Chamber. “Trump had compared the US elections to the elections in Afghanistan in terms of large scale of frauds but the move by Trump and his supporters demonstrated that the political ethics of Trump and Trump’s supporters were worse than the politicians in the third world countries including Afghanistan,” said Sayed Abdul Qayoum, a member of parliament.