After Priyanka, Taapsee laments existence of camps in Bollywood

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Taapsee Pannu, the talented Bollywood actor, recently opened up about the existence of camps and power play in the Hindi film industry. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Pannu shared her perspective on the issue, expressing her preparedness for the unfair games that come with being an outsider in Bollywood.

Pannu’s statements came in the wake of Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ revelations about camps in the industry and her personal experiences that shed light on the darker side of showbiz. While Pannu refrained from specifically commenting on Chopra’s remarks, she affirmed her long-standing stance on the matter.

Acknowledging the presence of camps in Bollywood, Pannu said, “Yes, Bollywood camps isn’t something that people don’t know about. It’s been there since forever. It can be based on an actor’s friend circle, a certain agency, or group that they’re a part of, and people’s loyalties differ based on that.”

However, the actor chose not to hold grudges against the industry or blame it for its bias towards outsiders. She emphasised that everyone should have the right to choose whom they want to work with in their films, understanding that individuals prioritize their own careers. Pannu believes that blaming the industry for its biases is pointless.

As an outsider herself, Pannu admits that staying relevant is a constant battle. Despite the challenges, she refuses to become bitter, as she was always aware of the industry’s unfair nature. “I never came with a point of view that it’s going to be all fair in the film industry. I always knew it’s going to be biased. So why crib about it now?” she questioned. Pannu firmly believes that if one chooses to be a part of the industry despite its biases, they cannot complain about it later.

What gives Pannu a sense of relief and the courage to continue moving forward is the realization that biases exist in all aspects of life, not just in the film industry. She states, “Forget about this industry… I don’t know of any profession, apart from sports probably, where camp and favuoritism do not exist, at least to some extent. The results are fair and square and proportional to one’s talent. It’s not dependent on luck.”

With several films lined up for release this year, including Dunki, Phir Aayi Haseen Dillruba, and Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan?, Pannu emphasises that this discussion is nothing new. Outsiders, like herself, have repeatedly highlighted the struggles they face while trying to make their mark in Bollywood.

“To become a part of this industry, you first get a foot in the door, and if you manage to do so, there is a struggle to be able to make your presence felt,” Pannu explains. She emphasizes the need to consistently prove oneself with every film, as success in one project doesn’t guarantee a smooth journey for the next decade. Maintaining a standing requires continuous dedication and hard work for those without a background in the industry.

Pannu’s candid remarks shed light on the reality of camps and biases in Bollywood. While she acknowledges the challenges outsiders face, she encourages individuals to focus on their choices and career paths rather than dwelling on the unfairness. With her unwavering determination and a string of promising films, Pannu continues to make her mark as a talented actor in the Hindi film industry.

Courtesy: (ONLINE)