Javed Akhtar wrote ‘Tum Ko Dekha’ song in just nine minutes

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MUMBAI: Popular writer and poet Javed Akhtar claimed on Friday that he wrote song ‘tum ko dekha’ in just nine minutes while he was intoxicated.

He said in an interview that he wrote majority of his songs in just 10 minutes while also adding the famous song ‘tum ko dekha’ was written in just nine minutes.

Famous writer said his wife Shabana Azmi used to mock him that proudcers of movies would refuse to pay him if they knew he quickly he wrote songs for them.

He said the assistant of a famous director once came to him and requested for a song but said he would be given no money.

He said he accepted the request and he used to drink a lot of alcohol those days adding that assistant used to visit him every evening and he also started drinking alcohol with Mr Akhtar.

He said one day he drank almost nine glasses of alcohol and started writing a song which completed in just nine minutes.

The song ‘tum ko dekha to yeh khayal aaya’ became immensely popular after its release.