AG, the name of misery

Accountant General Office Peshawar is popular among the provincial government employees for the non-professional attitude and brutal mannerism, especially victimization of teachers of Elementary and Secondary Education Department. The competent authority of Education Department submit the requisite Performa along with other relevant documents and supporting papers for the release of salaries upon the renewal of adhoc contract of the teachers, but that could not be punched in March, depriving them of disbursement of their salaries.

The computer coder of payroll section-3 had retired on March 2 but neither new coder was appointed nor was a replacement posted by way internal posting till such time the vacancy is filled on regular basis. The contract of 2019 inductee teachers was renewed on January 27th and source-3 change Performa of each teacher for continuing the disbursement of their salaries were submitted before due date, which were duly Okayed by the officials concerned in the relevant sections of AG office. But it was not punched because the incumbent coder had retired on 3rd March, 2020. Had the high-ups shown a bit of human-touch by allotting a coder in time, teachers would have not faced stoppage of their monthly salaries of the past two months. Who is to be blamed for this incompetence? Is the controlling authority in AG Office running a state within a state? Is he exempted from any responsibility whatsoever? This sort of attitude indicates that AG KP is not even answerable to his top boss, the Controller General of Accounts.