ANF seizes over 1903 kg drugs worth US$67.589 mln in 32 operations

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RAWALPINDI: Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 1903.737 kg narcotics valuing US$67.589 million in international market, arrested 36 culprits including a woman and impounded 15 vehicles while conducting 32 counter-narcotics strikes across the country.
According to ANF spokesman, the seized drugs comprised 12.56 kg heroin, 452.519 kg hashish, 1418.5 kg opium, 18.288 kg amphetamine, 1.62 kg methamphetamine (Ice), 415 MDMA Tablets (0.220 kg) and 0.030 kg weed.
ANF Balochistan, recovered 1425 kg drugs in four operations while arrested two accused and seized a vehicle. The seized drugs comprised 5 kg heroin, 45 kg hashish and 1375 kg opium.
ANF Punjab recovered 280.61 kg drugs in five operations while arrested five accused including a woman and seized four vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 1.01 kg heroin, 236.4 kg hashish and 43.2 kg opium.
ANF KPK recovered 48.648 kg drugs in six operations and arrested seven accused and seized three vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 0.250 kg heroin, 48 kg hashish, 0.248 kg amphetamine and 0.150 kg methamphetamine (Ice).
ANF Sindh recovered 125.875 kg drugs in 11 operations and arrested 14 accused besides seizing seven vehicles.
The seized drugs comprised 2.3 kg heroin, 121.875 kg hashish, 0.300 kg opium and 1.400 kg methamphetamine (Ice).
ANF North recovered 23.604 kg drugs in six operations and arrested eight accused. The seized drugs comprised four kg heroin, 1.244 kg hashish, 18.040 kg amphetamine, 0.070 kg methamphetamine (Ice), 415 MDMA tablets (0.220 kg) and 0.030 kg weed. All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are underway.

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