Another PTI worker admits his role in May 9 violence

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Yet another PTI worker has confessed he was involved in acts of arson and vandalism at Lahore’s Jinnah House on May 9, 2023, on Thursday.

His name is Hashir Khan Durrani, who has turned out to be the information secretary of Insaf Youth Wing, Lahore, and who kept shouting anti-army slogans during violent protest outside the Corps Commander House on that day.

“This is revolution. We will get rid of these soldiers. Few generals cannot decide fate of this country,” he kept shouting at the top of his voice.

He has told interrogators that the PTI’s high command had ordered the party workers to storm the Jinnah House in the event of arrest of the party Chairman Imran Khan.

He has further said that the attack was the consequence of that anti-army narrative which Imran had built in the minds of PTI workers.

Durrani has admitted he was present outside the Jinnah House at the time of the attack, and that he had even made video footage of the incident. 

Praising Pakistan Army, PTI office-bearer has said that the conduct of its personnel was positive as they did not cause any harm to any protestor.