Appellate Court in Nangarhar reviews ‘nearly 5,000 cases’ in past 10 months

NANGARHAR (Tolonews): The Nangarhar Appellate Court said that during the past 10 months, it has reviewed nearly 5,000 cases.

According to these officials, some people in connection with these cases have been given execution sentences, lengthy prison terms, and body part amputations; however, these sentences have not yet been carried out.

They say that following the public whipping of 30 people, crime has decreased in the province.

“We have decreed that this person should be killed and that person should have his hand cut. This person needs to be whipped. Three courts must rule on it, and after those three courts, Amir al-Muminin should read it and sign it, his signature is necessary,” said Mawlawi Kalimullah, the chief of the Nangarhar Appellate Court.

Meanwhile, a number of Nangarhar residents expressed their concerns about the theft and kidnapping incidents in the province and urged the authorities to pay attention.

“Armed thieves recently stole the phone of one of my friends in the Ulfat Mina neighborhood and stabbed him,” said Safiullah Karimi, a resident of Nangarhar.

“A traffic officer’s home is just next to us. Robbers broke into the man’s home wearing private clothing and took his wife’s gold jewelry and his family members’ cell phones,” said Mekayel Farooqi, another resident of Nangarhar.

According to Nangarhar residents, crime will decrease dramatically if young people are given employment opportunities in addition to receiving harsh punishments for their crimes.