Armed forces, whole nation united for defence, progress of motherland

F.P. Report
PESHAWAR, Sept4: Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) chairman Muhammad Faiq Shah has stated the whole nation is united for defence and progress of the motherland.
Floods or storms hit the country or foe maneuvering adventures and calamities situations,, the Pakistan Army and the people protected homeland by becoming a leaden wall and always stand united, says Shah while talking to reporters here on Sunday.
The ATP chairman said history has proven the sacrifices of martyrs and the scene of national unity at many occasions like September Day.
Millions of people sacrificed to get Pakistan, he added. He noted when an enemy looked at our motherland with a lecherous eye, the Pak Army, and the entire nation fought against them as one nation.
Shah went on to say that every soldier of Pakistan is till today in a state of war, and its precedence cannot be found anywhere.
“Whether war against terrorism or storms like floods, earthquakes, the people of all four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir fight as one,”
“We pay great homage and salute all thousands of martyrs, who rendered their lives for the motherland,”
Shah reiterated that to give any kind of sacrifice to make Pakistan a great Islamic welfare state.
He invited all institutions, political parties and the government to be united under a single platform to make the country a defense and economic superpower.
The ATP chief expressed hope that the time is not far when Pakistan will get prominent in the rank of a progressive nation due to the sacrifices of martyrs.
Faiq said that the purpose of remembering the sacrifices of the martyrs is to give the agenda of defence and development to the coming generations.
He said ATP is a symbol of unity, brotherhood, prosperity and progress in the country.
He called upon all institutions to come forward with uniformity till the restoration and rehabilitation of the flood victims.
Furthermore, he asked the institutions to play their due role in provision of justice to people instead of indulging in political and personal disputes and to make consistent struggle their own mission.
He vowed that to continue struggle for provision of economic and social justice to people.
Shah continued to say that the destination is not far away. A progressive and brighter Pakistan is the recognition of the martyrs of the country, he added.