Asad Umar says PPP did not deliver in any tenure

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) central leader MNA Asad Umar has said that despite six tenures of the PPP government, Sindh province is still deprived of the basic facilities. He said 70percent of budgetary funds in Sindh goes to the pockets of corruption mafia and remaining 30percent spent on projects.

According to details, PTI leaders MNA Asad Umar, PTI Sindh senior executive vice president Haleem Adil Sheikh, PTI minority wing leader Jay Parkash Ukrani and others reached Hyderabad on Monday, where they inaugurated PTI offices in different areas and addressed workers’ conventions in various localities including Qasimabad.

Speaking on the occasion, Umar Asad said that in the KP, the PTI government has successfully nabbed the timber mafia. Before the PTI government, they used to hack trees, but our government sent the timber mafia people to jail and planted hundreds of thousands of new saplings. He said 500000 people are now planting trees in the KpK, which is not only making the province greener, but also providing jobs to people. He said in Sindh the PPP has ruled for six tenures and not to speak of planting trees and making a clean environment, it has failed to provide even clean drinking water to the people. He said in Sindh the local government system is not fully functional and all powers are vested with the provincial government. He said seventy percent government funds are devoured by contractors in Sindh and the corrupt bureaucrats and hardly 30precent funds are left for development.

He said in the KP, the PTI government has introduced a local system in which local people are empowered to decide about their development and progress and hence a speedy uplift could be witnessed in every part of the KpK province. He said this is not the case of Sindh, where water is not available, education is in shambles and roads and streets broken.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said on the occasion that the rulers of Sindh have befooled people every time in the name of Bhutto. He said these rulers have given nothing to people but maximized their personal wealth. He said seeing the growing popularity of PTI in Sindh our political opponents have now adopted the course of vendetta and they are targeting our workers.

He said in Nawabshah the hooligans of the rulers attacked the Insaf House and we condemn it in the strongest words. He said now the so-called champions of democracy in Sindh are now afraid of the PTI and its workers. He said these corrupt elements are now fully exposed and people of Sindh would reject them in the coming elections.

Jay Parkash Ukrani said due to the policies of the sitting government, minority communities are feeling insecurity. He said in Sindh the minority communities are facing atrocities and justice is not being doled out to them. He said the minority community of Sindh fully supports the PTI and they would an important role in the win of PTI candidates from Sindh in the coming elections.

PTI leaders Nuzhar Pathan, Ali Junejo and others also spoke. Mohsian Ghuman, Lala Amanullah Moosahel, Ali Hingoro and other leaders were also present.