Ashrafi visits church in Lahore, expresses solidarity with Christian community

LAHORE (APP): Interfaith Harmony Council President and Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi visited Saint Anthony Catholic Church here on Thursday and expressed solidarity with the Christian community after the Jaranwala incidents.
Addressing a press conference at the church here, he expressed sorrow over the recent events, stating that harming innocent lives and property was totally against the Islamic teachings.
On behalf of all Pakistanis, he sought pardon from the Christian community over the losses, Christian had to suffer at the hands of angry mob in Jaranwala.
Ashrafi urged the government and judiciary to investigate the matter, suggesting that stern award of sentence in previous such instances could have prevented the current tragedy. He also expressed his sorrow over destruction of sacred texts and called for accountability.
Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw also spoke at the conference. He expressed distress faced by the Christians and condemned the burning of Holy Quran.
He emphasised the need for patience and tolerance, while demanding a thorough investigation into the incident.
He thanked the Muslim individuals, who provided shelter and assistance to the affected Christians.