At least 11 flights cancelled at Lahore Airport

F.P. Report

LAHORE: At least 11 flights were cancelled at the Lahore International Airport on Tuesday due to shortage of aircraft and operational reasons.

The flights which were called off included both international and domestic.

Among the cancelled international flights were PIA’s two-way flight to Dubai 203/204, FlyNaz’s two flight from Lahore to Riyadh 317/318 and Qatar Airways’ two-way flight from Lahore to Doha 628/629.

Among the cancelled domestic flights were AirBlue’s two-way flight from Lahore to Karachi 403/404, PIA’s flight from Gilgit to Lahore 610, PIA’s flight from Nairobi to Lahore 6716 and AirBlue’s flight from Karachi to Lahore.